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*B Cash Farms Red Tex
SSW#: L60

Red Tex is very wide in the rear and stands on strong feet and legs. He is a large framed buck with a very nice topline and rump.

Price each: $15.00

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SSW#: L166

Tucker is blonde, very long bodied and level, with good feet and legs, a lot of width throughout and tremendous strength of bone.

Price each: $25.00

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*B Little Rainbow LOB Bridegroom
SSW#: L156

Bridegroom is a combination of two outstanding genetic lines - GCH Bridie out of ++*B GCH Little Bic's Y-Yogi Yahn on one sides and the wonderful genetics of the Winterwood herd on the other. Bridegroom's semen is limited at the time, but another collected is planned.

Price each: $15.00

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*B Little Rainbow TJO Jeronimo
SSW#: L157

Price each: $13.00

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*B Longvu CYT Sweet Deal
SSW#: L142

Deal is tall and long bodied with very good feet and legs. He appraised 89 VEE at 2 years old. Deal was at the top of the 2001 sire development list for bucks registered. His daughters are showing improvements in length of body, increased bone, excellent rumps, increased productivity, better over...

Price each: $25.00

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*B Longvu L*P Onyx Obsession
SSW#: L144

"Nicky" has one daughter who appraised Ec and won her dry leg at her first show out. Her dam, Twist, has been 6 times BDIS, twice BUIS. She appraised 7-03 90 EEEE and her best lactation was 2-10 305 2803 114 84.

Price each: $15.00

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*B Lucky*Star's QK Revel
SSW#: L223

Sire:GCH *B Quixote Kate's Kareem
SS:GCH +*B Quixote Mela's Fidel
SD:Quixote Anakate 2*M

Dam:Lucky*Star's C Fanciful 4*M
DS:+*B Me's-Ranch Alex Check Mate
DD:GCH Lucky*Star's Y Bewitched 3*M

Price each: $25.00

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*B Lucky*Star's QM Parallel
SSW#: L78

Parallel is a very correct buck and very well bred. His dam, Krystal is a beautiful doe that has shown and appraised well and has been a strong producer. Her records so far have been 2-00 305 2060 83, 2-11 287 2770 108 and 3-11 305 3060 129. Parallel's pedigree is full of quality animals.

Price each: $20.00

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